View Full Version : CBS Sports: Report: Mike Jenkins isn't sharing all his medical records with Cowboys

06-13-12, 06:43 PM

The relationship between the Cowboys and their No. 3 cornerback continues to fascinate. First, Mike Jenkins wanted to be traded. Then, despite some outside interest, the Cowboys said they wouldn't.

Then, we heard Jenkins would attend mandatory mini-camp, seemingly ignoring the leverage he might have had by holding out. And now comes word that Jenkins isn't sharing all his medical records with the Dallas team doctors and that he won't continue his rehab before training camp in the Dallas rea.

While the Cowboys said Wednesday that Jenkins, coming off shoulder surgery in January, likely will be placed on the PUP list at the beginning of training camp, NFL.com's Ian Rapoport writes that the team isn't sure of the status of Jenkins' injury. That's because Jenkins apparently (isn't) talking about it with his team.

“Yes, he is here getting examined by the team's trainers,” Rapoport wrote. “But Jenkins' camp has not shared enough records to satisfy the Cowboys, a team source said. In fact, Jenkins has not talked to them hardly at all … Jenkins has been seeing a specialist for his shoulder, I'm told, visiting with renown expert Dr. James Andrews. But he has not passed along those findings to the Cowboys. He hasn't shared the records. Perhaps he would do so for a team who wanted to trade for him, and maybe this is a way to push for that. But the Cowboys remain in the dark about what's up with Jenkins' shoulder.”

Jenkins also apparently dismissed the Cowboys request that he stay around Dallas to continue working on his shoulder. The team reportedly “encouraged” Jenkins to stick around.

06-14-12, 04:59 PM
I hope the pokes try to keep him around...the PUP would be terrible.

I'd rather they have the malcontent on the regular roster. :biggrin2:

I like how you think.