View Full Version : From the You Can't Make This S*$& up Department

Lanky Livingston
09-07-11, 01:37 PM
Eagles 1st round pick Danny Watkins, OG from Baylor, was slated to start the season at guard. He ASKED to play in the 4th preseason game, when he wasn't going to play. His wish was granted, and he proceeded to LOSE the starting job with poor play.

Never seen that before!

09-07-11, 05:54 PM
He isn't ready. If you saw any of the games you can see he deserved to lose his starting spot.

He was manhandled by a Jets 3rd stringer during the last preseason game.

I'm not ready to throw the towel on him by any means but the biggest concern is that he looks overmatched physically a lot of times.