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08-18-11, 09:14 AM
Wait--what? Just now stumbled across this.


Philadelphia Eagles fans apparently can thank NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for having Michael Vick as their quarterback. If Vick had his was two years ago, he might have ended up playing for the Cincinnati Bengals or Buffalo Bills.

In a lengthy interview in the latest issue of GQ magazine, Vick says he was leaning toward signing with the Bengals or Bills after being released from prison in 2009. Vick figured he'd have a better chance to start sooner with those clubs. But after meeting with Goodell and other NFL reps, Vick was convinced that the Eagles would be a better overall landing spot.

"I think I can say this now, because it's not going to hurt anybody's feelings, and it's the truth," Vick says in the story. "I didn't want to come to Philadelphia. Being the third-team quarterback is nothing to smile about. Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options."

Vick was behind both Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb when he signed with the Eagles. McNabb was traded before the 2010 season and Vick eventually supplanted Kolb as the starter last season, passing for 3,018 yards and 21 touchdowns and helping the Eagles win the NFC East.

Goodell and others at the NFL had been meeting with Vick since his release from prison in 2009 after serving 21 months for his part in a dog-fighting scandal. They apparently advised him Philadelphia would be a good place for him to make a smooth comeback to life in the NFL.

"And I commend and thank them, because they put me in the right situation."

First reaction: For real??

Second reaction: This can't happen. The commissioner of a professional sports league CANNOT directly involve himself in player acquisition. He CANNOT affect the competitive balance of his league.

If you're a Bengals or Bills fan, this should make your blood boil. If you'r a fan of the other teams in the NFCE, it should at least give you pause. The Eagles are now considered the odds-on favorite not just to win the division, but represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Why? Because the NFL commissioner steered the most dangerous offensive player in the league to your rival.

Don't be surprised if this turns into a major scandal.

And if it's true, shame on Roger Goodell for exhibiting incredibly poor judgment.

Lanky Livingston
08-18-11, 09:35 AM
Agreed. Tags was a Redskins season-ticket holder, but never once gave any kind of favoritism to his hometown team. This is unacceptable!

I already hated Goodell with a passion, now its completely justified!!

EDIT: I tweeted this article, but I can't remember your Twid to give you credit. D'oh!

Lanky Livingston
08-18-11, 10:12 AM
Some reaction: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/blogs/birds-nest/Vick--I-Didnt-Want-To-Come-To-Philadelphia-128000818.html

08-18-11, 10:53 AM
Cowherd, of course, is saying its no big deal. Douche. This is huge. Huge story. Goodell should be crushed for this.
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08-18-11, 12:09 PM
Cowherd is a fool. This one is going to have legs.

Lanky Livingston
08-18-11, 12:14 PM
I dunno, doesn't seem to be much reaction in the Twitterverse. Twitter is usually a pretty good guage of these sorts of things. I can see this being swept under the rug. Sigh.

Lanky Livingston
08-18-11, 12:40 PM
one person with credibility in the sports world needs to make it a big deal and then everyone will jump onboard. this is unreal and shows that Roger is crooked as hell.

Its a direct quote from one of the involved parties! I don't know how much more credibility the story needs!

Lanky Livingston
08-18-11, 01:07 PM
Vick and NFL have both made statements.

Vick: "The Commissioner never told me to sign or not sign with particular teams. This was a decision I made."

NFL: "On the Michael Vick story: His decision on where to play to put himself in the best position to succeed was entirely his own..."
"Commissioner Goodell obviously met & spoke to Michael and his reps as part of his decision on whether to reinstate him & on what terms..."
"But the commissioner would never steer players to or away from particular teams and did not do so in this case."

Sounds like they are saying what they HAVE to say, hoping this just blows over. I really hope it doesn't. Of course Vick CHOSE to sign with Philly, the question is whether or not Goodell influenced that at all, which I'm sure he did.

08-18-11, 03:50 PM
Let me preface this by saying I am not condoning the commissioner telling any player where they should play, but it is understandable that the commisioner would steer a troubled young man away from Cincinnati, as wrong as it is. Buffalo? Not so much, but why would anyone who wanted to see Vick succeed allow him to go to an organization like the Bengals? Look how many arrests of players in Cincy over the last few years, clearly unstable.

Should the commissioner have been steering this? No, but did Vick display he had the ability to make adult decisions like where to play? no, his choice was Cincinnati or Buffalo. Maybe they appeared to be the only teams that would have him, but could you imagine if he had gone to Cincy and hooked up with TO and 85? Marvin Lewis does not appear to be a good role model. Should they have left that up to Vick's agent?

I can understand why the commissioner did this, he likely didn't want to see the situation blow up because Vick went to an organization that would have been beneficial to his rehabilitation. This would have made Goodell look terrible had the Vick situation back fired. They probably did steer, Dungy being the main character in this, toward stability. What was a good decision for the individual, Vick, was an ugly situation for the integrity of the commissioner's office.

08-18-11, 04:03 PM
thats why he had Dungy; he as an advisor. Roger shouldnt be involved personally in players lives. shows favoritism.

I believe I made that clear. It is unfortunate that Goodell got involved, but I understand why he did. It was a good move for Vick and Goodell to get Vick to a stable organization, but it was wrong of Goodell to have played part in it.

08-18-11, 04:08 PM
El, to me it's not about whether it was in Vick's best interests to go to Philly or anywhere else. Clearly it was in Vick's interest. Turns out it was in Philly's too. But that's not the issue.

The problem I have is that the Commissioner of a sport simply cannot, under any circumstances, directly affect the competitive balance of his league by even APPEARING to steer a particular player to a particular team. It's just incredibly short-sighted at best, almost criminally negligent at worst.

Remember Patrick Ewing? 20 years later the NBA is still suffering bad press/karma from the insinuation they MAY have rigged the lottery that year to send Ewing to the Knicks, a flaship franchise that needed a boost.

Goodell didn't need to not just refrain from recommending a team best suited to Vick's interests, he needed to actively stay AWAY from any HINT that he was involved in it.

His job is not to help an individual player. His job is to protect the integrity of his league and ensure all teams are playing on an equal field. Regardless how pure his motives, the man titled the field big time with this one. Just ask the people in Cincy, Buffalo ...

Here's hoping Vick was lying with the original interview stuff, and it really WAS Dungy and Goodell had zero to do with it. As opposed to what Vick's predictably backpeddling with now.

08-18-11, 04:13 PM
Better yet ... he should be smart/professional enough to know that as Commish he can't get involved in where individual players end up at all. Or even allow for the appearance that he is.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! :cool:

08-18-11, 04:20 PM
I really think I might need to express myself a little better because I could have sworn I said Goodell was wrong for what he "allegedly" did. He has no business participating in the decision process of a player trying to decide where to play.

But, I see why it was done. It is in the best interest of the NFL, Goodell and Vick if he were to stay out of any trouble and being a part of a stable franchise made that more possible.

I do not believe Goodell was steering Vick as part of a plan to make the Eagles a contender. If that were the case, he would have sent Vick to Dallas since that is his favorite team.

I believe it was done so Vick stood a chance at success and I am not talking about on the field success. .

Yes Om, you're correct. Goodell has no business in the vicinity of this type of decision process.

08-18-11, 09:40 PM
damn Vick sucked it up tonight...lovely lil dream team they got. I realize its pre -season, but as a Skins fan, it was fun to watch all of those INT's:)

08-18-11, 09:49 PM
damn Vick sucked it up tonight...lovely lil dream team they got. I realize its pre -season, but as a Skins fan, it was fun to watch all of those INT's:)

It was nice to see, regardless of being pre-season!