View Full Version : Bears and the Boys

09-19-10, 03:51 PM
Watching this game with some interest and trying to figure out if the Bears are better than advertised or the Boys are just a lot worse than anyone, including me, ever considered.

Bears are up with 5 minutes less and just made it a two score game.

There will be some folks throwing themselves off buildings in downtown Dallas if they start 0-2 in a year they were expected to contend to be the first team to play the SB on their home field.

Burgundy Burner
09-19-10, 07:56 PM
We may get a better idea after five games or so. I remember when the eagles started at 0-2 about seven or eight years ago and came back to win the division. I don't think the cowboys are SB material, but we'll know soon enough if they are a playoff team.

Need for the colts to help us tonight. Remaining in first and losing like we just did is almost a miracle.

09-19-10, 08:56 PM
Dallas has the Texans next week, they could start reasonably start 0-3.....