View Full Version : NCAA basketball Championship

04-06-10, 07:55 PM
what a great basketball game it was..and come so close to a fairytale ending with the halfcourt shot hitting the rim....I am a Duke fan and was almost wanting to pull for the Butler Bulldogs..what a job that young coach has done with his team 25 games in a row is very hard to accomplish in the NCAA......but I'm still happy the Devils come out on top...What a game it was.:bucktooth:

04-06-10, 08:04 PM
I had flashbacks of the 10,000 half court shots I took on my own basketball goal as a kid, uttering those exciting last few seconds of sports announcer-speak:

'They only need a bucket to score a shocking upset for the national championship...Jeffries takes the in-bounds pass, spins past the defender at mid-court...3 seconds to go ...the crowd is on his feet...he launches a desperation half-court shot and....OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! HE'SDONEITHE"SDONEITTHEUNTHINKABLEHASHAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!'

It was so close to happening for real last night. A shame Cinderalla couldn't quite get those chubby little toes into those glass slippers.