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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT: Read Before You Post Here
  2. Does Political Posturing In An Election Year Help Or Hurt A Candidate?
  3. Deportation Snafu Keeps Felon In U.S. Indefinitely
  4. Racially Charged Beating Of Alabama Man Not Being Pursued As Hate Crime
  5. Jon Stewart Inteviews Robert Reich
  6. "Green" Wind Farms Contributing To Global Warming (I Love Irony)
  7. Fool.com: Profits Keep Booming
  8. Eric Holder Needs To Go Right Now (The Latest In A String Of Idiocy)
  9. Current Student Loan Interest Rates Battle
  10. Obama Endorses Gay Marriage
  11. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  12. Rasmussen Presidential Poll 5/11, Romney 50%, Obama 43%
  13. let's see now
  14. Wall Street
  15. Time For Some More Debt Ceiling Drama
  16. Has Obama's Ego Finally Gotten Out Of Control? Read This And Decide For Yourself.
  17. Wel, well, well
  18. What do you think will happen to us if the Euro fails?
  19. Obama's Second Campaign Gimmick?
  20. The Lockerbie Bomber Finally Died
  21. Why Does The United States Push Diversity So Hard?
  22. CATO Institute: Marriage Equality for All Couples
  23. Organic Food Makes You A Self-Righteous, Judgmental A-Hole
  24. Quake Reveals Day Of Jesus' Crucifiction
  25. Obama Cooking The Books?
  26. Bill's Idea of "Tebowing"
  27. Jobless Claims Up, First Quarter Growth Lower Than Thought
  28. Report: Obama Flies his Barber in from Chicago Every Two Weeks
  29. Twitter: Useful or Not?
  30. this ought to get interesting
  31. F--- China!
  32. Senate Republicans Block Equal Pay Bill
  33. Eric Holder Doesn't Know Anything About Anything
  34. How Do You See The USA 50 Years From Now?
  35. Jesse Ventura on Piers Morgan right now
  36. [WSJ] Bans on plastic bags harm the enviornment
  37. DEA's top agent's inability to answer simple questions
  38. Rep Trey Gowdy's Speech
  39. Obamacare SCOTUS Decision Expected TODAY
  40. Religion in America
  41. The Supreme Court the supreme branch
  42. 19 American Bridges Deemed "Structurally Deficient."
  43. Happy Birthday USA
  44. A Fouth of July Reflection
  45. Attempting some Levity
  46. Bailed-Out AIG Wants $30.2 Million Back In Tax Interest. Seriously.
  47. Props to some Texas A&M Folks
  48. LA Rep Support School Vouchers for Religous Schools; unless Muslims want to use them
  49. Obama Threatens To Veto Any Bill That Extends Tax Cuts To All Americans
  50. NOAA: Last 12 Months Hottest Ever in the Contiguous US.
  51. Holder: New Voter ID Laws are Poll Taxes
  52. President Obama's In Town
  53. 14 Reasons Why This is the Worst Congress Ever
  54. Obama To Business Owners: "You Didn't Build That."
  55. President Obama and guns, why should I be worried?
  56. any of you agree with Noonan?
  57. anadians Households Are Worth an Average of $43,232 More Than U.S. Ones
  58. uh huh
  59. Obama WOuld Rather You Be Dependent On Welfare Than Get Back To Work
  60. NY Judge sentences Child Rapist to 2 years in Prison
  61. Obama And Gun Control - Is This Just The Beginning?
  62. Greek Olympic Athlete Kicked Off Team for Racist Tweet
  63. [Back in Black] Romney and Obama can lie to us - but Nutella? They better watch out
  64. How Obama Has Stealthily Dismantled America's Immigration Enforcement Laws
  65. anyine else tracking
  66. The Justice Department Is Crooked: Surprise Felt Nowhere
  67. The Great Debate: Time To Settle This And Put It To Rest
  68. Obama meeting fake
  69. George Zimmerman
  70. and justice for all
  71. Taxation Out of Control
  72. ICE Agent Doing Job Faces Termination
  73. Yum! That was a great meal!
  74. Harry Reid is Terrible
  75. Obama Campaign, DNC Sue Ohio to Restrict Military Voting
  76. Sweet.....Obama Can Kiss At Least A Dozen Votes Goodbye
  77. When a Congressional Recess is not a Recess
  78. I demands to see Romney's tax records because
  79. ok...so we know
  80. 538.com - How Romney's Choice of Running Mate Could Sway the Outcome
  81. I was forced to endure
  82. Social Security
  83. Obama That I Used To Know
  84. CATO Institute: Does it Matter that Paul Ryan is on the GOP Ticket?
  85. India Outsourcing to America
  86. Biden Quote from Danville, VA
  87. Lets talk about red light/speeding cameras
  88. Obama: New Vision Of America Where Prosperity Is Shared
  89. Yahoo / AP: Security guard credited for thwarting DC shooting
  90. Winery Police: Virginia Vintners Beware
  91. New Moderation Method for The PA
  92. Rahm Emanuel: Winning?
  93. SSA, NOAA, Others Order Thousands Of Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets
  94. If true
  95. hard to understand
  96. Raw Story: GOP Senate nominee: Women don’t get pregnant from ‘legitimate’ rapes
  97. Missouri Republican Nominee and Pregnancy from Rape
  98. Augusta National Golf Club
  99. Bacon At Ramadan Celebration Probed As Hate Crime
  100. FNC: Delaware day care workers accused of running toddler fight club
  101. NYPD official: Muslim spying by secret Demographics Unit generated no leads, terroris
  102. Joe Biden: Party Crasher
  103. Is This Obama's New Tactic?
  104. An Example Of Liberal Media Bias Some Claim Doesn't Exist
  105. Romney Unveils Energy Policy
  106. Isaac and the GOP Convention
  107. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  108. Lance Armstrong
  109. RIP Neil Armstrong
  110. Liberal journalist caught making racist remark
  111. Gas Hits Record High National Average
  112. Random thought - Political Version
  113. Rate the RNC
  114. Democrats Have To Bus In Crowds To Fill Seats For Obama Speech
  115. Rate the DNC
  116. DNC 2012 Democrats vote to on adding God and Jerusalem to thier platform
  117. Republican Voter Disenfranchisement Starts Early
  118. Lanny Davis: 3 reasons why Clinton Is campaigning for Obama
  119. Barack Obama Is A Scumbag
  120. University of Colorado Prediction Model Points to Big Romney Win
  121. FAA Supervisors Warn Employees A GOP Vote Could Mean A Pink Slip
  122. Biden Dares GOP: Fact Check Me.....They Oblige.
  123. Maternity Leave
  124. Egyptians Tear Down US Flag
  125. Breaking: U.S. Ambassador to Libya and staff killed in rocket attack
  126. Glen Beck Back On TV With His Own Network
  127. $40B per Month to be spent buying up Bonds
  128. NY Bans Large Sodas
  129. Of school lunch peanut butter bans...
  130. Mother Jones: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters
  131. Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium: Stewart vs. O'Reilly
  132. The DOJ Is In Bed With Media Matters? Noooooooo (Sarcasm)
  133. Did Jesus Have A Wife? New Evidence Says Yes.
  134. Pakistani Protester Dies Of Smoke Inhalation From Burning U.S. Flags
  135. Was Orwell a Prophet?
  136. Mitt Romney Not Qualified to be President...According to Mitt Romney
  137. Huffington Post: Mitt Romney, On 60 Minutes, Cites Emergency Room As Health Care Opt.
  138. Undecided Voters
  139. ROFLMAO Cowboys.com is now a gay dating site
  140. Is Mitt Romney's Tax Rate Really Lower Than Yours?
  141. On this Day of Atonement
  142. There Is No Liberal Media Bias
  143. Pro Life Irony
  144. When Civil Suit is Warranted
  145. LAT: Suspicious Voter Registration Forms Found in 10 Florida Counties
  146. CNN's Pathetic Attempt At Journalism
  147. Does the new information on the Middle East uprisings change your opinion on it?
  148. 58% Of Democrats Believe The Media Is Fair And Accurate, Only 26% Of Republicans Do
  149. Karma
  150. Here's A Horrible Idea From Some Of The World's Greatest Minds
  151. NYT: The Conservative Case for Obamacare
  152. hello
  153. Economist: Swing States: Virginia
  154. Martin Bashir Twists Mrs. Romney's Words, Questions Mitt's Mental Health
  155. Obama Admin. Denied Requests For Extra Security Before Libya Slaughter
  156. Obama Wants Defense COntractors To Violate Law, Not Issue Layoff Notice
  157. CNN Puts Bad News Ribbon On Mitt's Good News
  158. 2 Border Agents Shot, 1 Killed, At Brian Terry Station In Arizona
  159. McQueary Sues Penn State
  160. Biden: Middle Class Buried The Last 4 Years
  161. More Bull**** From Stefanie Cutter!
  162. Drudge: Obama's 2007 Tape
  163. Pre Debate thread - What are you looking for?
  164. Al Gore Says Denver Altitude Is Why Obama Performed Horribly In The Debate
  165. Obama's People Claim Romney Won By Playing Make Believe
  166. Romney On 47% - "I Was Completely Wrong."
  167. Jobless rate falls to 7.8%
  168. Jezebel: We've Effed Over the Environment So Now we Have to Eat Bugs and Play in Poop
  169. Breitbart: Obama Raises $150M in September, Tries to Block Fundraising Scandal
  170. Obama Misrepresents Economists
  171. Gallup: Romney pulls even After Biggest Debate Win In Recorded History
  172. Company Furloughs Workers Before Working After Receiving $150M In Taxpayer Money
  173. If Romney is Elected, How Long Do You Give Him?
  174. Romney Erases Obama Advantage Among Women In Latest Poll
  175. CEO writes letter to 7000 employees about the election's ramifications on their jobs
  176. Obama Pal/Donor/World's Richest Man Gets Richer From Obamaphone Deal
  177. Which Candidate Shares Your Views? (New Quiz)
  178. Congress and the Army fighting over tanks
  179. VP Debate vs NFL
  180. Solyndra The Sequel?
  181. BP may be able to deduct fines for spill from taxes
  182. FoxBusiness.com: Jobless Claims Data Skewed Downward
  183. Presidential Debate Round 2
  184. Who Won The 2nd Presidential Debate?
  185. Need to have Rush moderate the next debate
  186. Nike Drops Armstrong - Does that change your opinion on him?
  187. Obama for Women's Rights?
  188. Federal Reserve Bomb Plot - Accusations of entrapment and coercion
  189. Romney Up 7 Points In Latest Polls
  190. Women In Obama's White House Earn 18% Less Than Men
  191. Thirteen year old gives report cards to Obama and Romney
  192. Economist Interactive Polling Map
  193. Final Presidential Debate
  194. Finally a good moderator
  195. Obama Didn't Go On Apology Tour. No Really, Ask The Media.
  196. Obama: Kids Know The 'Other' Guy Is A Bullshi**er
  197. Ted Turner: Military Suicides Outnumbering Combat Deaths Is "Good"
  198. Tit For Tat.....Anti-Obama Ads To Run During Seal Team 6 Film
  199. Help Denied 3 Times During Benghazi Attack
  200. Campaign Contributions
  201. I think we found some of the 47%
  202. Chris Christie praises Obama ‘outstanding’ in response to Sandy
  203. More Media Coverup for Obama?
  204. I Met Someone Crazier Than A Ron Paul Fan
  205. Unemployment Rate Back Up After Fake Drop
  206. New Jersey Turns Away Cleanup Crews And Electric Companies For Not Being Union
  207. The problems with our voting system explained by the animal kingdom
  208. Well, this does it. The Economist is officially a Liberal Rag
  209. ESPN: NYC Marathon Cancelled
  210. Since We Can't Require A Test For People To Vote.....
  211. NAACP Takes Over Polling Station In Houston
  212. Romney Avoids Taxes via Loophole Cutting Mormon Donations
  213. What Will Happen Tomorrow
  214. Presidential Election 2012
  215. Smoozing with President Obama
  216. Life goes on
  217. ABO turns out to be as bad as ABB: history lessons unlearned
  218. bangor daily news: Let's just say it: the republicans are the problem
  219. The Ball Is In Your Court Democrats
  220. Why I Could Never Be A Democrat
  221. Mary Fallin 2016?
  222. A more hopeful view (a non-political thread)
  223. Concern over the latest legalization of pot - from a pro-legalization person
  224. Hope?
  225. Obama Operates Under Alinsky's Rules For Radicals
  226. Random Humor: PA Version
  227. Likely Mass Voter Fraud In Philly To Be Ignored Completely
  228. Welcome to the Rand Paul evolution
  229. Watch what Obama DOES, not what he SAYS
  230. Trousergate
  231. Hamas leader killed in Israeli Air Strike
  232. Chicken Little
  233. ****ing Unions
  234. Who said the Brits don't have a sense of humor?
  235. Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants in government ‘welcome’ material
  236. Would you withhold support due to a candidate's religion.
  237. To Cliff Dive, Or Not To Cliff Dive?
  238. A Pension Deficit Disorder
  239. The Atlantic: The Insourcing Boom
  240. Patent wars coming to a head
  241. Reality Check: Is Speaker Boehner pushing conservatives out of Budget and Finance Com
  242. Who Owns Our National Debt?
  243. A Muslim 4th Grader's Letter To Santa
  244. Hey Obama, Time To Play Commander in Chief
  245. Obama Should Rule Like Third World Dictator, Jail All Republicans
  246. Health Insurance Thread
  247. Connecticut School Shooting
  248. was what Rush LImbaugh said about Mcrapp as bad as what parker said about RG3?
  249. Why can't this help mitigate climate change
  250. Boehner Offers Left Exactly What They Want, Still No Progress