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      by Published on 10-20-14 05:46 PM  Number of Views: 11 

      October 20, 2014

      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On linebacker Brian Orakpo:

      “He is going to have surgery – and he will be out for the season – on his pec.”

      On if it is a full tear:

      “It’s torn enough to have surgery.”

      On how Orakpo’s absence affects the defense:

      “Well, you know, it’s a blow. DeAngelo [Hall] was a blow obviously in the secondary. You lose a proven starter like that and then you have to play people behind him, it hurts your depth, obviously hurts your leadership, same with Brian. His production may not be where people think it should be, but he’s still been playing very good against the run and been disruptive in the passing game and that will be a big loss. Now Trent Murphy who was playing as a role player now all of a sudden has to be the starter and it’s a big difference. So it’s a major blow.”

      On wanting to evaluate Orakpo while playing on the franchise tag:

      “Yeah, we will have to evaluate that after the season, where we are, how Trent [Murphy] does. Obviously we like Brian and he’s done some great things for this franchise and that is something that will have to be addressed when the season is over and moving forward. Bruce Allen and myself and the personnel ...
      by Published on 10-20-14 03:15 PM  Number of Views: 7 

      October 19, 2014

      Game Notes: Washington Redskins vs. Tennessee Titans

      • Kicker Kai Forbath converted a 22-yard field goal in the final seconds of the game to give the Washington Redskins a 19-17 victory against the Tennessee Titans in front of an announced crowd of 75,227 people at FedExField on Sunday.
      • The win was the Redskins’ first by scoring in the final two minutes of regulation since a 45-41 victory against the Chicago Bears on Oct. 20, 2013. Running back Roy Helu, Jr. scored on a three-yard run with 45 seconds remaining in that game to give the Redskins a victory.
      • The game-winning field goal was Forbath’s second of his career and his first ...
      by Published on 10-20-14 03:11 PM  Number of Views: 13 

      October 19, 2014

      Quarterback Colt McCoy

      On what Head Coach Jay Gruden said at halftime:
      “Well, he just walked over to me and said, ‘We’re going with you to start the second half. Get ready.’”

      On how he felt about that decision:
      “Yeah, all I know is my responsibility on this team is to always be ready to play. It goes unnoticed a lot but I feel like every week I’m prepared to play even though I don’t get any reps. Our coaches do a great job getting Robert [Griffin III], Kirk [Cousins] and I, all three, ready to play – hats off to them. I spend a lot of time with [Offensive Coordinator] Sean [McVay] and [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] during the week, making sure I understand our game plan, what we’re looking for and areas we’re waning to attack. I watch Kirk in practice and see where he’s going with the ball and when he told me at halftime, I was just thankful for the opportunity and I just wanted to go out there and play to the best of my ability and lead my team – this team – to a victory and we were able to accomplish that.”

      On his journey as a quarterback:
      “Well, this league is very unforgiving. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to still be able to play. It didn’t work out in Cleveland. I learned a lot of football last year in San Francisco. When I became a free agent, ...
      by Published on 10-20-14 03:07 PM  Number of Views: 10 

      October 19, 2014

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On the injury report:
      “OK, I’ll do injuries first. Really the only one that’s significant is [linebacker Brian] Orakpo. It’s his right pec. He’s going to get an MRI tomorrow. Other than that, [running back] Alfred [Morris] hurt his ankle early in the game, but he came back to play. Everybody else will be OK.”

      On when the decision was made to take out quarterback Kirk Cousins and put in Colt McCoy:
      “Halftime. After the interception, we decided to go with Colt.”

      On if he thought about playing McCoy during the first half:
      “No, I thought Kirk did some decent things in the first half. The fumble was unfortunate, and then the interception was… I thought after the interception – turning the ball over – we talked accountability, ...
      by Published on 10-17-14 03:15 PM  Number of Views: 22 

      October 17, 2014
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On the injury report:
      “Ryan Clark was limited today – he is questionable. Akeem Jordan and Tracy Porter are both out… Trent [Williams] was full today… David Amerson was full today – he is questionable. Limited was Robert Griffin – he is out. Limited was Perry Riley – he is questionable. Full was [Brian] Orakpo, Trenton Robinson and Darrel Young – all three of those are probable.”

      On what cornerback David Amerson has to do to be ready for Sunday:
      “That’s up to the trainers and the doctors with the concussion protocol. Obviously we take the concussions very seriously. We want to ...
      by Published on 10-16-14 09:31 PM  Number of Views: 16 

      No matter how abysmally the Redskins fail to meet fan expectations other teams fans, especially if their team is similarly disappointing find reasons to fear us.

      We have a few players whose stellar performances have definitely not been overlooked by Titans fans.

      The Titans have QB questions of their own which, of course, throws everything out of kilter.


      The Titans (2-4) visit the Redskins
      by Published on 10-16-14 04:06 PM  Number of Views: 22 

      October 16, 2014
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On the injury report:
      “Ryan Clark was limited and Robert Griffin was limited. Trent Williams went to limited and David Amerson was still limited. Perry Riley was limited. Did not participate was still Tracy Porter and Akeem Jordan. Everyone else was limited. Then Brian Orakpo, Trenton Robinson and Darrel Young were full. That is it.”

      On if he saw progress from wide receiver Leonard Hankerson and defensive end Stephen Bowen:
      “Yeah, yeah. Hankerson made some big plays today, running cards today. He looked good running. Bowen did a good job also. It’s just good to have those guys back in the lineup – not ...
      by Published on 10-15-14 05:55 PM  Number of Views: 24 

      Blognosticator - Dead Money

      Hey all... Happy week #7 of the 2014 NFL season, better known as the
      time where the Raiders, Jets, Jags, Rams and yes of course our
      Washington REDSKINS' fans start realizing we were all duped again.
      Yeah, I'm not known for painting a rosy picture and I fully admit that
      I haven't been paying 1/4 of the attention I normally give this team for
      the past few weeks, but this is where I'm supposed to talk about ...
      by Published on 10-15-14 05:41 PM  Number of Views: 15 

      October 15, 2014
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On the injury report:
      “[Quarterback Robert] Griffin [III] did individuals – did not do anything else. [Cornerback Tracy] Porter did not practice. [Safety] Ryan Clark – ankle – did not practice. [Linebacker] Akeem Jordan – knee – did not practice and [tackle] Trent Williams – knee – did not practice. Limited was [cornerback] David Amerson with a concussion, [linebacker] Perry Riley [Jr.] with a knee. Full go was [linebacker Brian] Orakpo – ankle – [safety Trenton] Robinson – ankle – and [fullback] Darrel Young – hamstring. And then guys who returned to practice were [defensive end Stephen] Bowen and [wide receiver Leonard] Hankerson.”

      On changing the team’s practice schedule this week:
      “Yeah, we’ve changed a little bit around today and then tomorrow we’re going to change the schedule around a little bit. Other than that, it’s a matter of preparing the best way we know how for Tennessee. The preparation as far as watching tape and installing offenses and defenses can’t change, but maybe the way we practice and change up some periods here and there like we did today [will] just give a little freshness to everything and keep moving forward.”

      On balancing change:
      “You know, we’re not exactly ...
      by Published on 10-14-14 07:47 PM  Number of Views: 26 

      The Redskins are 1-5 and the coaches are under fire. Sounds like a typical Redskins October.

      There are injuries, some poor performances by veterans and questionable coaching calls.

      But at the heart of it is what has plagued this team for years - poor personnel decisions, especially in the draft.

      Here is a team that finished 3-13 in 2013 and yet can't get any of its top 3 draft picks onto the field to make contributions. Murphy plays special teams, great. ...

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