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      by Published on 12-01-16 09:18 PM  Number of Views: 12 

      The Cardinals are in a downward spiral and like all teams their fans are upset, angry, and despairing.

      "Fire Arians!" threads are showing up, laments over reported lockerroom dissension are in the news...you know, the normal stuff.

      Not a ton of talk about the Redskins game but some-including things I haven't seen before.

      I came across one of the weirdest game threads yet titled-"MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Redskins ...
      by Published on 12-01-16 09:16 PM  Number of Views: 11 

      December 1, 2016

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On how he keeps the team motivated:
      ďWell, I think that being that every game is so different, youíre dealing with a different opponent, with different circumstances, different players, different challenges every week. Different schemes, different game plans, itís easy, really. You only have 16 cracks at it , like I said yesterday, and itís a chance Ė every game is a chance for them show what they have, compete, play hard, have success personally and as a team. And itís fun. Youíve got to make it fun.Ē

      On keeping outside distractions away from practice:
      ďYeah, thatís not hard. I think some of these guys individually they might have some when they get home as far as what theyíre thinking for next year, but when these guys come to work, itís all business, it really is. They study, they work hard, they practice hard, so I donít really see that part of it, the distraction part of it that youíre talking about. We have a number of other guys that are playing on their final year of a deal too and they just understand what it is with the contract ...
      by Published on 11-28-16 11:09 AM  Number of Views: 24 

      PART V

      SPECIAL FEATURE: Sean Taylor

      By: Casey Husband, Redskins GameDay Editor-in-Chief

      Editor's note: The following is a story presented on Redskins.com last Dec. 2, in the aftermath of Sean Taylor's tragic death. It speaks of his finest games as a Redskin player

      It was a disheartening week at Redskins Park as the team and fans deal with the tragic loss of Sean Taylor. ...
      by Published on 11-28-16 11:08 AM  Number of Views: 21 

      PART IV

      SPECIAL FEATURE: Sean Taylor

      NO. 21 BECOMES NO. 43


      The late Sean Taylor will take his place among Redskins greats when he is inducted into the franchiseís Ring of Fame in a ceremony prior to tonightís game against the New York Giants at FedExField.

      Tonight is the first game following the one-year anniversary of Taylorís tragic ...
      by Published on 11-28-16 11:08 AM  Number of Views: 21 

      PART III

      PLAYER PROFILE: Sean Taylor

      By: Casey Husband, Redskins GameDay Editor-in-Chief

      The following is a story presented on Redskins.com last Nov. 27, a Tuesday. as the news concerning Sean Taylorís death was first circulating and as Redskins fans everywhere were first beginning to hold commemorative events in his name.

      Itís basically accurate to say that your first ...
      by Published on 11-28-16 11:08 AM  Number of Views: 22 

      PART II

      SPECIAL FEATURE: Sean Taylor

      By: Gary Fitzgerald, Redskins GameDay Managing Editor

      The following is a story presented on Redskins.com last Nov. 27. It discusses Sean Taylorís talents, largely unrealized as we now know, as a football player.

      Sean Taylor showed tremendous growth as a father, a husband-to-be and a man, as every coach, teammate and friend ...
      by Published on 11-28-16 11:07 AM  Number of Views: 23 

      PART I

      For the return of Docís Blast from the Past (sorry havenít been around, between my hand and my sister, just havenít had the time ), I thought I would tie the Dallas game together with an anniversary this weekendÖ that of Sean Taylorís death.

      I know there are some people donít want to hear about Sean Taylor, but considering he played a major role in a win against Dallas (I was there and I still wish I had the NFL.com screen where they had actually posted ...
      by Published on 11-23-16 03:24 PM  Number of Views: 43 

      Blognosticator - Neophyte

      Dallas Week.

      The very phrase conjures up images of Riggins, Hollywood Henderson, George Allen, Danny White, Dave Butz, Clint Longley, Darryl Grant, flex defenses, Hogs, Tom Landry, Santana Moss, Dorsett getting caught by Darrell on Monday night, and bouncing stands at RFK faster than you can rub any genies lamp.

      Anyone associated with the Skins knows this is important but honestly, it hasnít meant a whole lot ...
      by Published on 11-22-16 08:35 PM  Number of Views: 35 

      Greetings from the international headquarters of BBQ.

      Week eleven is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Packers. Mother Nature decided to have an impact on the game, but the Redskins tamed the conditions. We will try to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades, evaluations and questions. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, questions, and opinions.

      Letís take a look at week eleven. ...
      by Published on 11-22-16 08:33 PM  Number of Views: 40 

      November 22, 2016

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On the injury report (all statuses are estimations, as the team conducted walkthroughs on Tuesday):
      ďNick Sundberg, back, did not participateÖ. And then [Chris] Baker was limited with his hamstring. DeSean [Jackson] limited with his shoulder; [Ty] Nsekhe, limited with his ankle; Preston Smith, back, limited. And then full was everybody else Ė [Will] Blackmon, [Jamison] Crowder and [Morgan] Moses were full.Ē

      On his level of concern with T Ty Nsekheís ankle injury and the overall assessment of the teamís health:
      ďI think right now weíre pretty good. You know, Nsekhe is a little sore. Weíre not really going to have a chance to really ...

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