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      by Published on 10-05-15 06:45 PM  Number of Views: 7 

      October 5, 2015
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      Opening statement:
      "Jordan Reed had a right knee MCL sprain and an ankle sprain. Also, he's in the concussion protocol. [Ryan] Kerrigan had a hip pointer. He should be OK. [Trent] Murphy, glute contusion. He came back and played. [Pierre] Garcon had a knee mild sprain and inflammation, looks to be OK. [Chris] Culliver managed his knee inflammation OK, still a little sore. And then DeSean [Jackson] we'll try to get a little bit more out of him this week, see what he can do. He'll be day-to-day. And [DeAngelo] Hall is in the early rehab stages of his toe. And [Perry] Riley we're hoping to see back in practice Wednesday."

      On his level of concern for TE Jordan Reed's knee injury:
      "About his knee? I don’t think his knee is… He hurt his knee in the end of the first half, came back and played with his knee."

      On his level of concern with Reed’s concussion: ...
      by Published on 10-01-15 07:20 PM  Number of Views: 66 

      Not really a ton of game commentary but what there is is kind of interesting in some ways.

      There are some surprising similarities between Redskins fans and Eagles fans going on.

      Right now, Chip Kelley is about as highly regarded by Eagles fans as Jay Gruden is by Redskins fans.

      They ain't delirious about their HC either, in other words.

      Bradford and Cousins are pretty similar in fan regard as well; actually ...
      by Published on 09-30-15 07:32 PM  Number of Views: 30 

      Blognosticator - Riggotoni

      Chips Ahoy

      It was with more than meager ounce of elation I observed the Eagles fall flat on their beaks the first two games of this season. After all, who could resist a snicker or two at last year’s NFC rushing champ DeMarco Murray averaging a whopping 1.6 FEET per carry. These weren’t the result of heartbreaking last drive collapses like those that afflicted the Giants – this was full blown ineptitude. Hallelujah! This ...
      by Published on 09-23-15 06:20 PM  Number of Views: 49 

      Blognosticator - Goaldege

      The Giants. Why did it have to be the Giants?

      First of all, Thursday night games are a disaster to predict, full of sloppy and uneven play (thanks Roger!) due to lack of rest. Second, I mean, it’s the Giants. YOU try predicting what will happen. It seems like we have lost a lot more than we’ve won in the last ten years, which is probably because that’s true. The last four belong to them, and if you go back further it doesn’t ...
      by Published on 09-22-15 07:55 PM  Number of Views: 44 

      Well, Giants fans are pissed at Tom Coughlin. Again.

      They're pissed at Eli too. Again.

      Not to mention their OL, LBs secondary and a few other things.

      An 0-2 season start will do that to you.

      Especially if you set an NFL record by being the first team in NFL history to lose your first two games by blowing a double-digit

      lead in the fourth quarter.


      Now they play the ...
      by Published on 09-22-15 06:39 PM  Number of Views: 42 

      September 22, 2015
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injuries:
      “Chris Baker returned today, he’s full. Did not participates were DeSean [Jackson], Perry Riley [Jr.], Justin Rogers, Martrell Spaight. Tom Compton was limited. Morgan Moses was full. D-Hall, Terrance Knighton, Shawn Lauvao were full. Kory Lichtensteiger was full. And [Jason] Hatcher did not participate today, rest reasons.”

      On if the team has made a roster move to make room for CB Chris Culliver on the active roster:
      “Yeah, we’re going to put Spaight on injured reserve."

      On if he is disappointed in losing a second rookie draft pick for the season as the result of a concussion:
      “Well, we’re disappointed but we mainly want to make sure he gets healthy. He plays a very tough position – linebacker, obviously – and we want to make sure he is fully recovered. With these things you just never know how long. I think we’re doing the right thing in that regard as far as letting him sit out this year. He’ll be ready to go for offseason program.”

      On if the protocol for monitoring concussions has become stricter this year:
      “I think there’s more awareness obviously. With more awareness comes… it is more strict. I think that everybody involved – trainers, doctors and the independent people – are aware of the importance of taking time with these injuries and making sure the players are fully recovered. That’s what we’re doing with Spaight.”

      On ...
      by Published on 09-17-15 10:08 PM  Number of Views: 58 

      September 17, 2015
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On how the new practice schedule that gives players Monday off is working out:
      "It’s working out good actually. The players have a mandatory day off. It used to be Tuesdays. We’d bring them in Monday after the game for treatment and a little workout and watch film. We just flipped the days, gave them Monday off – where they could still come in and get their treatment. And now Tuesday they come in, we’ve graded the film. It gives us some extra time to grade the film. Everybody has cooler heads, watch the film, grade the film, and then we can also introduce our next opponent on Tuesday instead of doing everything on Wednesday. It helps Wednesdays out, it helps Tuesdays out. It’s worked out good so far. It’s only been one time, so…"

      On injuries:
      "Obviously DeSean [Jackson] will be out. Terrance Knighton was limited today. Justin Rogers did not participate. [Martrell] Spaight did not participate. [Tom] Compton was limited. Full ...
      by Published on 09-17-15 09:16 PM  Number of Views: 92 

      You would think the Rams would be flying high and brimming with confidence after their surprise win over the Seahawks.

      Well, they are...sort of. Of course Seattle's not-all-that-overwhelming OL opened Wilson up

      to getting sacked six times but the Rams did play a good game against them and pulled off the overtime win.

      Is the confidence gained in this win causing them to think the Redskins will be a cakewalk?

      Maybe ...
      by Published on 09-14-15 07:57 PM  Number of Views: 54 

      September 14, 2015
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On WR DeSean Jackson and if his hamstring injury could be related to missing the preseason:
      “DeSean has a pulled hamstring, obviously. He’ll be out three to four weeks, possibly, could be shorter but you never know with hamstrings. And, I don’t know if it had a lot to do with him missing. It could very well have, but we don’t know that. He just went for a deep ball and pulled it. But obviously, you’d like to have guys all throughout training camp but the shoulder limited him, but he was still able to do a lot of running in that time, so I don’t think it really did. I think it was just one of those things that happens to a wide receiver now and then.”

      On S Duke Ihenacho:
      “Duke is going to have to have surgery on his wrist. It’s fracture/dislocation, and we’ll have to decide whether to put him on IR or not shortly.”

      On if Ihenacho would go on IR for the full season or if he could be designated to return:
      “We’ve got to decide that. We’re going ...
      by Published on 09-14-15 07:56 PM  Number of Views: 61 

      For Immediate Release
      September 14, 2015


      LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves:

      The Redskins signed the following free agents:
      K Dustin Hopkins
      DE Frank Kearse

      The Redskins waived the following players:
      LB Houston Bates
      K Kai Forbath

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