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      by Published on 01-13-17 07:40 PM  Number of Views: 32 

      Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017(Continual Updates)

      Greetings from the offices of BBQ World Headquarters.

      Today we bring you the first mock of the 2017 offseason and it features nine draft choices. The original plan was to post one mock in January and another one in February, but we could post an additional mock or two before the beginning of free agency in early March. The need for two new coordinators may make the extra mocks necessary.
      by Published on 01-09-17 02:58 PM  Number of Views: 47 

      Free Agency, The Mock Drafts, 2017 (Continual Updates)

      Greetings from BBQ. A continued Happy New Year to you. The 2016 season is now behind us and a new defensive coordinator will be hired along with new defensive assistants.

      The offseason has officially started for the Redskins and today we have our first look at free agency. Soon we will have our first mock of 2017. The mocks will increase in frequency until the very moment we reach the draft. ...
      by Published on 01-08-17 11:11 AM  Number of Views: 47 

      There are 14 other Redskins FA's besides Kirk Cousins this year. The Kirk thing has been an ongoing debate in several other threads so I'm just looking for thoughts on these other players.
      Granted many decisions will be based on the draft but where might these guys fit in if at all.

      From the top (2016 contracts) down per Spotrac: (link: 2017 NFL Free Agents Tracker | Spotrac)

      2 WR's Pierre Garcon (30) & DeSean Jackson (30): Pierre was at $8.5M and DeSean ...
      by Published on 01-02-17 09:50 AM  Number of Views: 64 


      • The Washington Redskins fell to the New York Giants, 19-10, in front of an announced crowd of 79,471 people at FedExField on Sunday.
      • The Redskins finished the 2016 season with an 8-7-1 record.
      • The Redskins (6,454) broke the franchise record for total net yards in a single season (6,253 in 1989).
      • The 2016 Redskins (403.4) became the first team in franchise history to average 400 yards per game.
      • The Redskins had eight players finish the season with at least 500 yards from scrimmage (DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Jamison Crowder, Rob Kelley, Chris Thompson, Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis and Matt Jones), tying the 2011 New Orleans Saints for the most in a single season in NFL history.
      • With their sixth passing first down of the game, the Redskins (226) broke ...
      by Published on 01-02-17 09:49 AM  Number of Views: 82 


      On the injury update:
      “I didn’t get the injury report. I’ll get it to y’all later.”

      On the mood in the locker room and his message to the team:
      “It’s over. We played a very good team today and we didn’t get it done, then just like that your season’s over. You just got to say goodbye. So hopefully we’ll see y’all next year, appreciate their hard work. They all did work hard, played hard. Just weren’t good enough. Just didn’t get it done today.”

      On Giants taking away the run game:
      “They’re a good run defense first of all. Got to give the Giants credit, Coach [Ben] McAdoo. We knew they’d have their team ready to play, and we just didn’t get enough good run lanes for our ...
      by Published on 01-02-17 09:49 AM  Number of Views: 63 


      On the final play of the game:
      “He [Pierre Garçon] did a good job on his route. The timing of the play was off so I climbed a little to my left and Pierre still was winning and thought I was a little bit late. It felt like across the field he had a chance, but I didn’t get my shoulder closed enough to where I could make that throw accurately, and so the ball was behind him and the corner made a nice play.”

      On the Giants’ game plan:
      “I don’t know until I watch the film but, like you said, if you don’t run the ball well and things are tough… In short, we just couldn’t get it on the first series and then got in some third-and-longs and that’s tough sledding. They got some sacks and some different situations and then we got the turnover. We didn’t get into the red zone, so it was a combination of factors, not any one thing but they all combined and created a tough day. Credit them. They did a really good job. They’ve got good players and a really good scheme. They’ve shown that all year and they showed that today.”

      On the interception and the loss:
      “This isn’t ...
      by Published on 12-31-16 11:20 AM  Number of Views: 61 

      The Giants are in the playoffs, the Redskins could be too. Giants fans are filled with questions and opinions.

      Try to keep the Skins out of the playoffs and risk an injury to a starter?

      Rest up for the playoffs, let the Skins win and go into the playoffs with a 2 game losing streak to division rivals?

      And what about playoff momentum?

      Giants fans have lots on their minds.


      by Published on 12-31-16 11:15 AM  Number of Views: 63 

      Blognosticator - Miles Monroe

      So, as I sit here, a scene from a Little Rascals episode comes to mind… the carrot dangling from a string urging a horse on. That’s our Redskins, and our carrot is a wild card spot. With Dallas putting the screws to Detroit, win and we’re in…… and no, don’t bring up a tie between Green Bay and Detroit, it’s not happening. I’ve been seeing a mixed bag of opinion around the net…. Why sneak in only to be a speed bump for another team. Of ...
      by Published on 12-23-16 10:17 AM  Number of Views: 99 

      Now on to Soldier Field and a meetup with the Bears-one of two must wins if the Redskins are going to get into the playoffs.

      So, what do the Bears fans think? Opinions are split over the likely outcome of the game-despite the disparate won/loss records.

      Cutty makes me Drink

      Matt Barkley keeps using Alshon, Barkley also out preforms Cousins to the tune of 305 yards, 3 touchdons and 1 int, J How runs for another 100 and a tuddy.
      by Published on 12-23-16 10:14 AM  Number of Views: 92 

      Blognosticator - Goaldeje

      Chicago Blognostication

      Full disclosure: I haven’t been as mad during and after a football game as I was Monday Night. That was atrocious. Terrible Horrible. I actually went to Thesaurus.com to find more synonyms: ghastly, abhorrent, heinous, apalling, dreadful. You get the idea. The playcalling was horrendous, the team was lethargic at best and the entire experience was inexcusable.

      So. On to Chicago. ...

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