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  1. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.


    The 49ers: Is a wounded animl dangerous?

    by , 11-20-14 at 07:26 PM
    Believe it or not 49ers fans are mixed in their expectations about this game. Most think they'll win, but a lot of them think it will be tough.

    Their own performance has been kind of underwhelming of late and that shows through in some of their posts.


    THey played Dallas pretty well...I'm sure we won't overlook this team...they can be dangerous...especially w/ D jax.

  2. 2014 Week 12 Redskins @ 49ers

    by , 11-20-14 at 08:25 AM
    Blognosticator - Nobody

    I hate teams with numbers in their name. The 49ers, the 76ers, itís just stupid and uncreative. I also hate San Francisco. I always have. I donít know if it stems from Full House being such a terrible show, Rice a Roni only having 2 flavors my entire childhood (dirt and burnt tomato), or the fact they have a Spanish name. This is America - home of beer guts, Kardashian bashing, and football. We donít need the romance, so eat it you armpit of California. ...
  3. Week Ten Grades, Questions

    by , 11-19-14 at 07:30 PM (Burner's Burning Questions)
    Week Ten Grades, Questions

    Welcome to week ten questions and grades as the Redskins put forth a depressing effort against the lowly Buccaneers. The pathetic loss was one that caused strain for the team and fans alike. Feel free to offer your own grades, opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Also, we have some questions to close out this tenth week of action.

    Letís take a look at the grades.

    Nothing worked. Some people blame the quarterback. ...

  4. Big Shot Bob

    by , 11-19-14 at 03:47 PM (Cake or Death?)
    Remember Robert Horry? Dude won like 20 titles (all numbers approximate) in the NBA with the Lakers and Spurs, and always seemed to hit a key three or two during a playoff run.Horry had a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and being able to step up and deliver when it mattered the most.

    Here's hoping Robert Griffin can deliver when it matters the most.

    I'm talking about this weekend. Friends and family of Redskins fans are on suicide watch after ...

  5. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.


    The Buccaneers: Opportunity Knocks?

    by , 11-13-14 at 04:47 PM
    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having an awful season. 1-8, one win, eight losses.

    You would think, if there ever was a matchup this season the Redskins should win...

    Well, you'd get a lot of Tampa Bay fans to agree, not all, but most see a loss coming.


    RG3 could have a record day


    Best chance of a win is to ride Rainey. That blitz is going to
  6. 2014 - Week 11 Redskins v Buccaneers

    by , 11-13-14 at 10:18 AM
    Blognosticator - fansince62

    Stirring the Pot

    I see that new recipes, favorite meals and such enjoy frequent attention over in the Five OíClock Club. Well, alright then, time to stir the pot.

    But first, an effort at meeting my appointed task.

    I donít care about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Theyíre 1-8. Talk about a contest hurtling at us with all the drama and promise of two Titans meeting on the field of battle! Mano a Mano. The Will to Power ...
  7. Week Nine Grades, Mock Draft

    by , 11-10-14 at 11:00 AM (Burner's Burning Questions)
    Week Nine Grades, Mock Draft

    Welcome to week nine questions and grades as the Redskins put forth a porous defensive effort against the Vikings. The heartbreaking loss was highlighted by the return of Robert Griffin, III to the quarterback position. Feel free to offer your own grades, opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Also, we have some questions to close out this ninth week of action. As an added bonus this week, we have our one and only mock draft during the regular season. ...
  8. 2014 - Week 10 Redskins Bye

    by , 11-05-14 at 12:32 PM
    Blognostcator - JohnssBass

    I do want to thank Neo (and others who possibly may have accepted bribes from me) for the opportunity to proffer up a few syllables.

    The Bye Week is a time to rest up a bit and take some time to pause and reflect on what the State of the Redskins has been and is now with a peek to what may be.

    State of the Redskins Address

    That was then. This is now. The future has yet to be written.

    That was then ...

  9. Hope Starts Now

    by , 10-31-14 at 11:33 AM (Cake or Death?)
    Anyone remember when Matthew Stafford was injury-prone? Could stay healthy? In his first two seasons he played 10 and three games, respectively. In the season opener in 2010 he injured his shoulder, came back on Halloween to beat... the Redskins (sigh), then reinjured that shoulder a week later and was done. He had arthroscopic surgery done on his throwing shoulder and was done until the next year. All the media experts were wringing their hands that this talented kid was injury prone and would ...

  10. Keep your friends close. And your enemies closer.


    The Vikings: QB coin toss

    by , 10-30-14 at 05:01 PM
    There was a lot of discussion among Vikes fans about Griffin and McCoy-who they thought they might face, and who they would rather face.


    Jay Gruden says that RG3 is "very, very, very close" to being ready to start, which means he'll probably start Sunday vs. the Vikes. IMO

    that's better for us than McCoy starting. RG3 hasn't played since week 2 and is likely rusty. McCoy is coming off a road win vs. Dallas and
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